Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM ISO

In this article, we will talk about this great game called Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.

Mario’s princess was captured by the big Bowser.

Now, he has to fight and get her back.

During this, he has to get the Crystal Stars.

The video is great in the game and very visually appearing.

The main character is very famous through out all the world.

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In the game, you need to buy mushrooms. Those can be used to power up your character.

Many special items can be used to carry around and beat tough enemies.

You always have to prepare for bad encounters. So save ready and use a romloader if you dont already have one.

The game was orignally used on the Gamecube, which is an old console ut still lived by many people today.

It canbe placed with the usual game cube controller.

At first it might be to walk around in a 3D world , but you will soon get how to play it.

We do like the story around the game. Many personal charachters explain the story behind the Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door making it enticing for you to play it on daily basis to get distracted from a stressfull life.